Here we go…

Three days in Iowa City and I haven’t finished unpacking. The first revelation of this week was that I have a lot of books. I’ve always known that I have a book buying problem, but I never quite saw what that meant until I started to unpack and attempt to find enough bookshelves for my miniature library. I’ve read probably half of the books I own – which leads me to resolution one: no more buying books (at least for the rest of the month…) This is particularly a challenge, because I now live in Iowa City, a UNESCO City of Literature. The library is down the street less than five minutes away. There are cheap books everywhere. I don’t know how I’ll be able to deal with the book temptation. 

And not only do I have a book addiction, I think I’m starting to develop an RPG addiction, too. I’ve been playing Dragon Age: Origins for a bit, now, and I love the way it works. I’ve only ever done one campaign (really just one meeting) of a tabletop RPG and I’d love to get to that. But I did come here to learn and eventually earn my PhD, so I probably shouldn’t get too involved in gaming… the unfortunate truth is that I accidentally purchased a bundle of computer RPGs including Neverwinter Nights and Baldur’s Gate… there may be a little bit of buyer’s remorse (when am I ever going to find the time to play all these??), but I think I’ll enjoy them nonetheless. Which leads me to resolution 2: no more buying games until the end of the year. Or until I’ve finished them all goshdarnit.

And, finally, realization 3: I have WAY too many clothes. I definitely need to sell/donate/throw away some of these, because it is a little insane. Which leads to resolution 3: don’t buy clothes and prune the closet.

Obviously, I’ve grown a little too enamored of retail therapy. Or I just have bad self control, which is quite true. I need to block my ability to use Paypal and save myself some money and regret.

And there you have it. Three completely non-scientific thoughts that have erupted from my brain. Perhaps in later days I’ll have news of a microbiological nature to post.

My name’s Maria, by the way, and I am addicted to thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Here we go…

    1. There needs to be a support group for this… unless there already is… in which case I need to go find it. (and then ignore it because do I really want to give up on books? nah…)

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