What I thought living alone looked like…

The image in my head is strange conglomeration of scenes involving walking around in silky bathrobes, drinking champagne in the bathtub, reading a book while curled up in a couch and drinking tea, going to the gym, having company over…

I may have spent too much of my life watching tv or the movies (just kidding, I’ve probably spent the appropriate amount – enough to be up on pop culture and references, of course). My image of life alone… doesn’t actually involve working or studying, which is definitely supposed to be a huge part of this grad school experience. Also, my image of grad school involves lots of lab time and work and maybe friends? But I am not good at social interactions… part of the reason I really enjoyed my time at Harvey Mudd is that the curriculum basically forced me to make friends. Without that push, I don’t know how to make friends (in real life… the Internet is slightly easier). So here’s to seeing what that will be like in grad school.

Currently, my life alone is simple. I wake up at 6:30, finally force myself out of bed at 7. I make breakfast (which is usually a smoothie with delicious things in it) or I shower. I’ve actually gone running in the morning (once on Friday and once today), so perhaps that will be a part of my routine and my attempt to be more healthy. Then I do chores or run errands or sit in my computer for a really long time. I try to cook delicious things (yesterday, I made soup and it exploded in the blender, but it was still tasty). Then more Internet (or, in reality, more fighting the Internet until it works). Then sleep.

Nothing very glamorous here. I’ve been fighting to put the self-control on and not visit any of the book havens nearby (of which there are many – Iowa City, I love you but there is so much temptation) or any of the grocery stores (must not get more tea) or any of the thrift stores (no, I do not actually need another vase – but I do need a chair). I can’t even drink champagne classily.

Despite this, it’s been surrealistically exciting living alone. I am still not sure what being an adult is like. I feel like a college student and not a very mature one. But I’m living on my own and cooking real meals, so that’s a good thing.

Oh, shoot, I forgot to get pine nuts for the thing I want to make for dinner… oh well.


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