The Iowa uniform…

I went to the Campus Wellness and Recreation Center today. I was wearing a Harvey Mudd shirt, because most of my shirts are Mudd shirts… Anyway, on the way down someone stopped me and said they had gone to Scripps. Apparently, the person was a dean of the law school here. I like meeting 5C folks. So if any of you are out there, hi!

I also saw this picture on the way down:


Which I thought was really cool.

I woke up late this morning (around 8). I figured it was my last weekend before the start of class and I might as well take advantage of it. I went to lab yesterday. My first PCR in more than a year seemed to work and I did my first gel purification in more than a year… Going back to molecular biology after a year as a behavioral neuroscientist for thesis is a little terrifying. I’m not always sure that I’m not forgetting something basic. So now we have a few strains growing for transformation on Monday.

Also I called this post the Iowa uniform because I swear – wearing an Iowa shirt is required or something. I guess I should go find one. Adjusting to a large state school that cares about sports is going to be fun…


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