Two years later…

I got busy.

  1. I passed my comprehensive exams last spring! After writing a proposal and defending, I became an official, fancy, PhD candidate in the Department of Microbiology! In the days PC (post-comps), I have been busily running myself into experimental barriers repeatedly. Aka, cloning projects (in which I try to make genes be expressed more than they are normally) and fighting with really hard to control conditions (levels of iron and trace nutrients in my water screwing with my experiments). Along the way, I’ve gotten to experience disappointment (not getting on any of the fellowships I applied to… maybe I’ll write about that at some point), the thrill of teaching (my first TA assignments and mentoring undergrads in lab and also suddenly becoming one of the more experienced fencers), and more struggles with impostor syndrome and procrastination.
  2. I got involved in lots of things! I’m now on the Executive Board of the fencing club, a representative on the sports club activity council and the microbiology senator to the graduate student senate (which involves being on a committee in charge of putting on a conference, which reminds me that I should probably work on the things I should be working on for that committee) (more on all these things later).
  3. I developed and rediscovered some hobbies! I’ve been knitting like a fiend. Or as much like a fiend as a knitter who’s just starting can knit. I’ve also fallen in love with short speculative fiction. I still love novels, but I barely have time to read (unless it’s a break and then I can binge read) – so short fiction is the way to go! Definitely more about that later.
  4. I have feelings and opinions about so much now. I feel like I’ve become more aware of so many things and I need a more serious place than tumblr to have wordsplosions about them. So here’s to trying to keep this whole blogging thing up.


So… it’s been a while. I’m going to try to post more regularly than once every two years. I’ve also decided that I want to try to start writing about things in more depth than I usually write on my Tumblr. Ages ago, I had a book vlogging youtube channel, but that fell apart due to undergrad (I don’t have a good track record with these things…). My goal is to post at least twice a month on either books or science or something else. And maybe go back to talking about stories.

I’ll need prodding like no other, so I’m going to try to use Habitica…


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